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Journalist and Best-Selling Author Kurt Eichenwald is Interviewed About His Brain Injury

In a recent interview on Christiane Amanpour and Co.'s show (PBS 11-12-2018) journalist and New York Times best-selling author Kurt Eichenwald discussed his trials and years dealing with a Brain Injury (in this case seizures from epilepsy at the age of 18), the lack of diagnosis, care and denial of treatment, "pre-existing conditions", physical and emotional trauma (a rape), discrimination and much more.

It is a excellent interview, very powerful and struck many chords in my own life.

I would highly recommend watching, reading the transcript or even taking a look see at his book: "A Mind Unraveled: A Memoir", by Kurt Eichenwald

Glenn Ford

Advocate for People and Families Living with Brain Injury


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