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Frequently Asked Questions

You and your family will have many questions if you have experienced a brain injury and are considering legal action.

What caused the injury?

Was it caused by the negligence or wrongful act of another? 

Evidence must be preserved through photos, notes, documents related to the scene and the people involved. It is very important to have expert guidance before you begin, concerning the obtaining of and preservation of evidence and crucial information. Otherwise, important evidence could be lost.


Depending upon the severity of a person’s injury, legal issues arise which John Tiwald and the Brain Injury Law Firm of New Mexico can address for you. These include the necessity of rehabilitation and short-term or long-term care for the injured person. Prompt and effective attention will be given to insurance, compensation and disability benefits for the victim and family. These must be addressed by an attorney skilled and knowledgable in brain injury law such as John Tiwald.

Q I have been injured and need medical attention now. How can I get it?

A There are several ways to pay for medical care after an accident. Call our office for guidance and help concerning this and the other subjects of immediate concern for the injury victim and their family.

Q I have been injured in an accident and want to make a claim for my injury. How do I do this?

A Write as much information as you can concerning the event that caused your injury. This may include the names of the people involved including possible witnesses. Write down everything you were told by witnesses and by the person who may have caused the accident. If possible, preserve any evidence.

Q Our lives have been turned upside down. Will we be compensated for that?

A Our law firm is familiar with the physical, emotional, and financial damage a brain injury causes victims and their families. We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to help you. We have been doing this for more than 30 years.

Q Will John Tiwald take my case to trial if necessary to provide me with the compensation I need and deserve? 

A Our firm works up every case as if it will go to trial. While it is true that most cases settle, John Tiwald devotes the work and time combined with state of the art techniques and technologies to prepare each case for settlement or trial so that every client receives the maximum financial recovery.


Please note: The information on this website is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. You should consult your health care provider regarding specific medical concerns or treatment.



Winning is what we intend to do.


The Brain Injury Law Firm of New Mexico offers free consultations to discuss your case. We also advance the legal costs of preparing your case for settlement or trial.

We pay for all professional investigators and expert witnesses necessary to build a solid and compelling case for you and your family. We use state of the art methodology to build and prove your case.

Remember, we receive a legal fee only by winning your case.

Winning is what we intend to do.

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